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dig.i.tal adjective \‘di-ja-tal\ – of, relating to, or being data in the form of especially binary digits <digital images> <a digital readout>; especially : of, relating to, or employing digital communications signals <a digital broadcast> Definition: Merriam Webster Dictionary
equa·tion noun \i-ˈkwā-shən \ – a : the act or process of equating b : an element affecting a process : factor (2) : a complex of variable factors  Definition: Merriam Webster Dictionary

dig.i.qua.tionTM verb \di-ja-kwa-shan\ – the digital marketing equation based on the four moments of truth – discovery, engagement, conversion and retention. Definition: dig.i.qua.tion

“Attract targeted visitors, Nurture Prospects to create leads, and Convert leads into sales.”

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